• Asbestos Removal Specialists

    Asbestos Removal Specialists​

    Asbestos fibres are present in the environment in Great Britain so people are exposed to very low levels of fibres. However, a key factor in the risk of developing an asbestos-related disease is the total number of fibres breathed in. Working on or near damaged http://asbestosremovalspecialists.blogspot.com/ asbestos-containing materials or breathing in high levels ofasbestos fibres, which may be many hundreds of times that of environmental levels can increase your chances of getting an asbestos-related disease. The symptoms of these diseases often do not appear for 20 – 30 years after exposure to asbestos.


    If you think your home, garage or outbuildings may contain asbestos, check the panels are well sealed or painted over and that they are not broken and surfaces are not exposed. There should be no immediate danger if you follow these steps.


    However, if paint is flaking away, or panels have been chipped, broken, or damaged as a result of DIY or other maintenance work, then https://asbestosremovalspecialists.wordpress.com/ seek advice.We have over 25 years of experience in asbestos removal. We help organisations across the UK and from all industry sectors to safely manage the asbestos on their site with a swift approach causing minimal disruption to clients.


    Adding to our list of services we can arrange for a qualified asbestos safe engineer to come in and turn off the gas in full accordance with current asbestos and gas regulations in a contaminated area making it safer for you and others in the building.


    With over 1.5 million approved buildings in the UK with asbestos containing materials (ACMs) asbestos is the single most common cause of https://asbestosremovalspecialists.tumblr.com/ work related deaths. Asbestos was mainly used in the construction of buildings between the 1950s and 1980s before it was totally banned in 1999.


    The general rule if you have asbestos in your home is to always leave asbestos alone - it is usually safe unless it is damaged or disturbed - paint indoor materials with an alkali resistant paint such as PVA emulsion, and never sand, drill or saw asbestos materials. Always http://asbestosremovalspecialists.weebly.com/ seek advice before thinking of removing asbestos and follow the basic rules below if carrying out asbestos cement removal work. Do not attempt to remove asbestos lagging, spray coatings or large areas of insulation board by yourself as these materials can only be safely removed by a licensed contractor.